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Urgent Care Centre

$ 500000.00 Needed Donation

Urgent Care Centre

A proposed 4-storey, 80,226 square foot satellite facility

About 131,000 people visited the Windsor Regional Hospital Emergency Department at either the Metropolitan or the Ouellette Campus last year. About 40% of those visitors could likely have received more timely care at an Urgent Care Centre. Only 10-15% of patients coming to emergency are admitted to hospital. The use of urgent care has been shown to reduce wait times for the remaining 85-90%.

Windsor Regional Hospital plans to open the region’s first comprehensive Urgent Care Centre, as part of the proposed Windsor-Essex Hospitals System  – a capital investment of more than $130 million.

The hospital run centre is essentially a satellite emergency centre and will complement
emergency services at the proposed New Single-Site Acute Care Hospital location.

The Urgent Care Centre will:

  • offer a new model of emergency care in the city’s core;
  • provide treatment to those with non-life threatening conditions with no appointment necessary;
  • be staffed by emergency room staff and physicians;
  • have a full set of diagnostics including a CT scanner as well as a lab and pharmacy services;
  • reduce pressure on the emergency room at the acute care hospital; and
  • have lower wait times than a traditional Emergency Department.

Constant communication between the Urgent Care Centre and the Acute Care Hospital will ensure any patient that needs to be admitted to hospital from the UCC will be transferred and admitted.

Windsor Family Health Team (WFHT) plans to move operations to this location. That means their 10,000+ patients will have access to diagnostic imaging as well as pharmacy and lab services on-site. In addition, patients without primary care attending the UCC will be connected with the WFHT.